Hands-On with the Drive de Cartier Extra Flat replica watches

Cartier launched a new men’s watch, this watch got a Monochrome – Watches a lot of praise and attention (see our introductory articles and comments), thanks to its elegant and master the ways of shape. For us, this is what Cartier is all about, a master of shape and elegance, a brand that can create a non-traditional watch that looks very elegant and low-key. However, for us, there is always a problem with Cartier drives. Its size. It’s a little too thick, a little too big. It seems that our prayers have been answered because the road to Cartier replica watch has been changed and now is the best option so far, Extra Flat Calibre 430MC.

Cheap fake Drive DE Cartier watch is an excellent watch. No doubt about it. In the 3 – hand automatic version, it is elegant, masculine, and has a unique shape that makes it unique. However, when it comes to dress watches, our preference on chrome Monochrome tends to be small and thin. If you like, please call us, but we think time will prove us right. A good dress watch needs to be careful on the wrist. 41mm x 11.25mm, the standard truck driver is not very big, but it is also not a suitable dress watch. I like its shape, but I always want to see it thinner and smaller. It all depends on the ratio.

Because we now have Drive DE Cartier Extra Flat, which means a slightly smaller and significantly thinner watch case, but still has an excellent Drive shape – a mix of cushions and squares. Available in 18k platinum or 18k rose gold, the case is now 39mm in size and 6.6mm in thickness. This is where the deal becomes appropriate. The Drive DE Cartier Extra Flat is exquisite, elegant and wears a tuxedo, suit and even casual and fashionable clothing, without losing the feeling on the wrist. The ratio is great. The case is completely polished on its flat surface, while the thin case band is wired to enhance its thin appearance. It may not be the thinnest swiss movement Cartier replica watches, but anything under 7mm is still impressive.

We found that the octagonal crown decorated with sapphire convex circle (Cartier’s signature), and watch, the use of the exquisite manufacture crocodile (the same flat and thin, match the best fake Cartier watches case) is fixed on the wrist. Crown is enough big, can round action, it is very important, because there is no more automatic, on the contrary, we found 430 MC manual winding machine (Cartier Piaget 430 p – 18 gem, 20.5 mm in diameter, 3 hz frequency, 43 hours power storage, 2.1 mm thick), in a typical Cartier style decoration (even though not visible, because the bottom cover is solid). In general, a reliable and perfectly flat sport.

In addition to the new watch case, fake Drive DE Cartier Extra Flat has introduced a new dial that no longer uses the twisted cord pattern on the standard Drive DE Cartier. No more dates or seconds, just a discreet display of hands. Although dial still depends on the surrounding large Roman numerals (see VII digital the Cartier logo) minutes and railway track, but the plate is flat now, only through the careful design of the sun’s rays can enhance. I know that some people during the 2017 SIHH found it too simple but I personally like the clean and delicate look. It was never boring or too smooth for me. The hand USES the classic sword shape and is blue.

Cartier Drive De Cartier – swiss movement replica watches

Cartier Drive DE Cartier replica watches, which made its debut on SIHH’s 2016 edition two years ago, is an instantly impressive watch. As a new design of Cartier, it seems to achieve one very difficult thing: Cartier, which immediately looks very special, has not been borrowed directly from the design language of Cartier in the past. Cartier’s new watch case design is relatively rare, and it looks like a home run.

Certain sizes seem to suit certain watches that are difficult to quantify. I think this is a question of proportion, rather than the size of itself, and under the condition of the Drive, the circumstances of the slender figure was slightly increased diameter, more than an absolute classic of 36 mm and 38 mm. Strictly speaking, the thickness is about 12 mm this is definitely not a super flat or ultra-thin swiss movement Cartier replica watches, but some height is caused by domed crystal, so you get the impression that one is slim. You can get from the real high fashion with the careful control of the form of the same feeling, in this case, only very careful and attention to detail can seemingly effortless silhouette (and often need a lot more detailed elaboration to the original inspiration).

You really want is a thinner more beautiful best fake Cartier watches (here on a moment, it constituted a dress watch the problem a bit dubious) is the attention to detail, and you must live from the Drive. Dial element arrangement, pointer according to the light change the color way, twisted rope pattern on the dial and a second plate radial pattern, and the echo of the domed crystal shapes watchcase curvature, a conscious harmony. By the way, I should say that the complex curves of crystals have a lot to do with aesthetics. This is not a simple circular dome crystal, but a shape with the edge of the mat, can follow the shape of the case – if drive crystal represents an important part of the whole manufacturing cost, I would not be surprised to see.

Watchcase shape is more complex than it seems at first glance – brush surface and also underscored its unusual polishing surface geometry, including table between crust and gently in circle tilt, because the area between the table ear from transition curve to a straight line. In this way, the gap between the surface case and the straight inner end of the band can be minimized.