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The idea that Cartier wants to release these major products in ADLC caught our interest, and now we have the opportunity to spend some time on Santos 100 Carbon.

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Cartier originally released Santos 100 with a black carbon coating in 2009. This variant was offered for three years and then disappeared relatively vaguely. As if its days were over, the dark effort was given up on the more common stainless steel model. However, just this year, Cartier replica watches announced that it would release it again, despite having an internal movement and a redesigned watch ring.

While previous models used brushed titanium bezels, this round case combines all the styles with the stainless steel bezels and the entire case (amorphous diamond carbon) in the ADLC. ADLC has many properties on the PVD coating, none of which has been widely advertised as increasing scratch resistance. Either way, it’s not your average luxury fake Cartier watches, which in this case is a very good thing.

Fake Cartier Santos 100 Carbon uses a larger Santos case with a size of 51.1mm x 41.3mm. Assuming someone is looking for a black version that might prefer a larger size, I don’t think this is a crazy stretch. All the usual Cartier gear was on board, including the blue synthetic spinel with a crown on top. However, below the sapphire crystal, the black dial has replaced the usual bright white, so the work continues its darker, nuanced undertone, combining the whole package. Bold white Roman numerals fill the edges, if you want to know, yes, even the screws on the bezel are ADLC coated.

As I mentioned, one of the other changes that cheap Cartier replica watches made in this release was to include an internal campaign, in this case 1847MC. This is a welcome upgrade, as the 2009 model is powered by the Cartier modified ETA 2892 called Calibre 049. Cartier has been criticized for not integrating its internal movement into more series, so this is a natural progression for santos 100 received 1847MC. Hit at 4Hz, it provides 42 hours of power storage and illustrates Cartier’s greater commitment to its manufacturing.

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Like most Cartier Santos replica watch, this watch looks simple and charming. On its vibrant minimalist dial, you’ll find sword-shaped blue steel pointers and thinner seconds, colorful black Roman numeral timepieces supported by colorful black minute markers on the inner edge, and a clear date of 4:30. In addition, in order to have high scratch resistance, the sky blue that screens the dial can also be equipped with anti reflective coating.

You will be pardoned because I believe Cartire’s only male emission in 2016 is Cartire Avenue. But in addition, for this beautiful new series, Cartier decided to bring back the series of Black Horse-Cartier Santos 100 replicas.

Until 2012, when Santos’s regular metal version wasn’t your factor, you could choose the one you built in ADLC (amorphous gem carbon). This season, Cartier re-launched its luxury copy Cartier watches in a tough (and almost scratch-resistant) black ADLC coating. What’s the difference now? So, you can now get the internal 1847 MC automaton, which adds value and suggests that Cartier continues to work on integrating the manufacturing components of its product line.

Cartier Santos 100 Replica is one of the most legendary designs besides Tank, which is famous for its square and rectangular timepieces. Santos was created for Pioneer pilot Albert Santos Dumont, who wanted to be able to distinguish between flights in 1904 – so simplicity and maximum readability were paramount. These days it’s usually personal models looking for something more daring, and Santos 100 is bold enough when 51.1 millimeters multiply 41.3 millimeters. But although the watch is completely blackened, the card Lille is obvious. Whenever you think about it, it’s meaningful for black Santos to come back 100. This casual elegant watch features a textile strap and a red second hand, providing a dark contrast to the elegant design of the AAA Cartier replica.