NEW CARTIER CRASH – Cartier Baignoire Ladies replica watch 2018

The shaped watch (not round shape watch anything) is an innovation of Cartier, it like the leopard pattern is part of the creative heritage, or for that matter, the watch itself – the first Cartier Santos replica watch. In 2015, the brand began to re-examine its shape, starting with a platinum skeleton Crash watch and a year later with a pink gold version. Last year, it resurrected the square Panther, which had been discontinued in the early 2000s, with a new series and a slightly improved bracelet. In January of SIHH, Cartier revisited the Crash with a new model and introduced four new models, mostly oval, in the Baignoire series. The new model is part of the Libre collection. In addition to the new collapse, all contain quartz movement.

The fake Cartier Crash watch was launched in 1967 and was affected by the remains of the client’s BaignoireAllonge watch, which was damaged in a fiery Crash. The watch was an interpretation of the prevailing surrealist art. It was re-examined in the early 1990s and again in 2013. In 2015, it acquired the status of the advanced clock, which was used as the hollow core of the Crash Skeleton to adapt to the distorted shape of the case. The new Crash Radieuse took the Crash to a new level, a seemingly crumpled case and dial, with almost no stretch of Roman numerals. The case is gold, which includes a manual chain of 8970 MC. This is a limited edition of 50 pieces.

Cartier Baignoire Débordante replica watch is designed to explode in a star shape from the center of the oval dial with a hollowed-out platinum nail. The pillars are inlaid with diamonds and black spinel, and the spinel focuses on the top and bottom. This wrist watch is limited to 50 pieces, including a quartz movement. The Baignoire Infinie is composed of four concentric rings radiated from the center dial. The ring is randomly arranged with rectangular diamonds, white mother-of-pearl, black Tahiti mother-of-pearl and black spinel. The circle seemed to be cut off on both sides. This machine core is quartz movement, limited to 20.

Copy Cartier Baignoire Étoilée watch is a jewelry watch. The exquisite bracelet is made of small round and square stones. It is randomly placed in a hollowed-out connection structure. A square shape of the gem is repeated on the dial of the eastern and western oval case, with a double row of white diamond on the case and a double row of black spinel at the bottom. The 18k platinum bracelet is studded with diamonds and black spinel. The core is quartz, with a limit of 15.

Charming Fake Cartier New Libre Collection for Ladies

“Stretched, shrunk, and transformed into objects of fantasy with unbridled creative license” are the bon mots Fake Cartier Watches uses to describe its new Libre collection for ladies, debuting at SIHH 2018 in January. “Libre” means “free,” and with these new additions to its Bagnoire and Crash timepiece families, five new watches in all, the watch-and-jewelry giant takes a truly freeform approach to some of its classical case shapes.

The first of these five limited-edition timepieces, is the Baignoire Replica Débordante, with a white-gold case surrounded by a radiating ring of open “petals,” topped off with sparkling diamonds and black spinels. The movement, as in all four Baignoire models, is quartz; the watch is a numbered edition of 50 pieces.

The Baignoire Infinie is basically a new take on the existing Baignoire Allongée watch with the thin, curving elliptical case stretched into a circle and a Swiss Cartier Watches black dial at its center. The white-gold case and the dial are paved with baguette-cut diamonds, white mother-of-pearl, Tahitian mother-of-pearl, and black spinels.

Shimmering diamonds and black spinels also intertwine on the Baignoire Etoilée, with a bracelet made up of suspended strands of precious stones that give the impression of black melting into white. The white-gold case, framing another miniature black dial, is set with double rows of the same stones.

The oval-shaped, white-gold case of the Copy Cartier Watches Baignoire Interdite is dominated by oversized Roman numerals, coated in shiny black ADLC, that wrap around its diamond-paved bezel like ribbons, partially obscuring the miniature dial in the center.

The new Crash Radieuse is the latest and boldest take on Cartier’s popular offbeat model, the Crash, which launched in 1967 and was inspired by an actual damaged Charming Fake Cartier. This version adds gadroons to the hallmark crumpled dial, further stretches the large, distorted Roman numerals, and adds a carved “shockwave” pattern in the centre of the dial. The Crash Radieuse has an old-school yellow-gold case befitting its Swinging ’60s origins and is the only watch in the Libre collection powered by a mechanical, manual-winding movement, Cartier Caliber MC 8970. It is limited to 50 numbered pieces.