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In SIHH last year, we saw the return of Panthere. And then later this year we have the tank 100 anniversary. This year Cartier is back with another icon, santos. Although the watch has always been in the collection, this year they will replace the existing Santos 100 series with a new watch (launched in 2004). Although it has been a small part of the unconventional cousin of Tank Louis Cartier replica watches, Cartier has returned to it in an important way this year.

First, it comes in two sizes: medium and large. Both use the same metal options: stainless steel, double color (steel and gold), rose gold and gold. However, large versions can also be used in pink gold or stainless steel hollowed-out versions. All powered by the automatic machine core 1847 MC, although the large version has the date display, and the medium does not have. All options are equipped with a matching Santos bracelet and a strap or two different straps. This is because Cartier has developed a new and easy way to change the straps in a hurry, so you need a genuine experience of innovation. In addition, they have integrated the SmartLink so that the wearer can easily change the link without a screwdriver.

Like Tank and Panthere, Santos is the classic Cartier series, which should be reformed. Swiss movement Cartier replica watches is clearly focused on restarting the existing series to attract customers. Like rolex, Cartier’s product works and why the changes have been small for a long time. Mr Santos did. The classic round square design with a screw rim is a classic design that looks good both in men and women. And with the launch of the automatics, it’s not surprising that the man came back.

I’m excited to hear about santos’s transformation as someone who loves the vintage watch. For all intents and purposes, I love watches, but for me, on a personal level, they’re too big for my wrist. However, if the choice is given, I think the two-tone medium is the classic of all the pink versions, followed by. The gold screws around the bracelet and around the watch ring bring me back. I’m not sure where to go, but  best fake Cartier watch will take it back any time you know it’s good.


Best fake Cartier Drive de Cartier replica watches for sale

Let’s start with the basics. Drive Extra-Flat has a cushion shaped case that measures 38mm high and 39mm wide. This small difference is enough to bring a little movement to the case. It’s almost like a wabi sabi, and you look at your watch and try to figure out what it is that catches your attention.

Cartier is most proud of the thickness of the watch, which is only 6.6 mm. If you can’t figure out what this number means, it’s the same as the large tank LC. You can also compare it to a watch like the jaeger-lecoultre Master Control Date, which is still considered relatively small, but almost twice the thickness of the 11.9mm drive. This is, to say the least, very remote. I would say it’s thick enough to avoid feeling vulnerable, and that’s the problem I sometimes have when I’m using a thin Cartier replica watch.

Case studies are the same for both new metals (in fact, they were introduced twice last year). The arcs and the top of the ear are polished, while the side of the case and the case is scrubbed vertically. I’m usually a “less shiny, better” person, but I’m not sure that the drive would have the same effect without polishing the front part of the case. The side of the brush can grind up everything, but you need the light to keep the best fake Cartier watch smooth and smooth on the wrist. This is also a good way to bring some light to the dial, which has two subtle channels in both the sun and the minute scale.

The swiss movement Cartier replica watches hve a closed back cover that fits perfectly with the overall retro style. The sapphire bottom cover can make the watch thicker (the reason for beating it), and it feels a bit overstarting. Internally beat Cartier Calibre 430 MC, which is based on Piaget 430P. It has a diameter of 20.5mm (9 methods) and is only 2.1mm thick. It has a 36-hour power reserve, runs 18 gems and beats at 3hz (21,600 VPH). There are 131 parts in the machine core. If you open the back cover of the watch, you will see a simple double C decoration on the motherboard and the balance knob.

But enough technology. What does this copy Cartier watch like to wear? It’s just a dream. The size of the box is enough to give it a real sense of presence on the wrist, but it doesn’t hang on the edge (even if my wrist is relatively small). It has a very low protective effect on the skin. Short and slightly arched earrings can help the strap to fall comfortably. This is a watch you can easily forget. It is very comfortable. I said it earlier, but I’ll say it again: it feels like a vintage Cartier in the best way possible.